Backpacking Repair Hacks from the SectionHiker


Good backpacking and camping gear can cost a pretty penny. Most items can be repaired for little or no cost. As for the items that have reached the end of their life, chances are you can salvage and reuse many of the parts for future repairs to gear.

The big question is what is salvageable and how can I use those parts to make repairs or customize camping or backpacking gear? Our friend Philip Werner from the offers some great tips for repairing busted up gear as well as some pretty amazing gear repair hacks. Learn how to stop leaks on water bottles and bladders; how to add pockets, accessories and external attachment points; how to cannibalize fabrics and parts from old gear; and much, much more:

Philip uses a variety of repair items from Gear Aid, including our Tenacious Tape Repair Tape, Cord Locks, Tri-Glides, Zipper Lubricants, adhesives and odor eliminators. Thanks Philip for sharing your gear repair hacks with the rest of the Gear Aid community!

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