Run Like the Salmon

On yer mark..Get Ready..O’oh’..Go!  Last Saturday our home town celebrated the life cycle of wild salmon by putting on a fantastic community race called the Bellingham Traverse.  This was the race’s 11th year, McNett’s second year sponsoring, and the first year we assembled a team to race.  The racer’s travel through Bellingham’s city parks, Greenways trail systems, Bike friendly roads, rugged woods, and open water areas.   Quite honestly, the racers we were up against seemed to be Olympic athletes by some of the split times posted.  Awesome job everyone.  The relay race began with a 5.5 mile Greenways Run, 6 mile mountain Bike, 18 mile road bike, 3.4 mile trail run, 3.6 mile open water paddle, and finishes with a 0.6mile team trek.  Wait…It actually finishes with Boundary Bay beer! That is probably the biggest motivation for most all the racers – Traverse Ale.  Mmmmm…

Well, back to the race and team McNett.

Cheriss ran the road in perfect form with headband, knee socks, wicked “cool” shirt, and the sun in her eyes the whole way.  Runners never saw her, but just felt the heat as she passed.

Aaron took over the mountain bike trail, crop dusted those in his wake, and finished the leg looking like a man powered by voodoo.

Sanja immediately jumped on her bike and tore the cement off the road.  18 miles went by so quickly that she decided to stop and coat her hands and face in Bike chain grease.  This intimidated the rest of the racers and allowed her to coast through the finish.

Brian tagged the trail with minimalist shoes, and some seriously short shorts.  I don’t know about you but short shorts make you run fast and others keep their distance.

Josh quickly jumped in his kayak and muscled his way through the pack on the course.  Paddling so hard, he created a back wave that straight up flipped his boat.  If it was a swimming race Josh would have taken in the best time.

Team McNett finished the race.  I repeat…Team McNett finished the race!  We had a blast and have our sights set on next weekend’s Mud to Suds race.  See you there!


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